A friend came up with that title for me about 30 years ago.  I barely knew who the Dalailama was at the time.  Since then he has bestowed upon many of his female friends who happen to be mothers, the same title.  But he tells me I am the original Dalaimama. Indeed, mothering has been a path for me.  I learned more about love and the nature of life from my role as a mother than any other discipline I have tried.  Maybe it would be more accurate to say that it gave me the arena to do my spiritual fieldwork in and use those disciplines.  I raised 3 children, 2 girls and a boy, mostly as a single parent.  It came down to ‘suffer’ or grow.  Chicken that I am when it comes to suffering, I decided to grow. I got to raise them in Northern California out in the countryside over the hill from a place called Fairfax.  I got to be part of a community and that has meant the world to me.  Community has been one of my driving interests much of my life.  I am amazed to have lived in one place 24 years.  I have been a masseuss, a DJ, a waitress, a journalist, a teacher of numerous things, a warehouse worker, an organizer, a prevention specialist, a therapist, a program director, a book seller, a rite of passage assistant, well, many things in my life.  I love psychology and spirituality (and Buddhism in particular).  I am keening interested in how those two intersect.  I love to write, although sometimes I consider it a curse because it is so much f-ing work!  Why can’t I just love to cook?  I love to grow vegetables, knit, sew, hike, be in nature, watching movies, humor (especially the Daily Report), poetry I can understand, fooling around with crafts, do origami at Christmas (that is another story), hanging out with my two year old grand-daughter.  I love investigating things.


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  1. Anonymous
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 03:04:52

    I just found your blog through a link of alpha’s on gift circles, and I wanted to let you know I read the whole thing in one swoop, and I wish there were more! I am especially grateful for the idea to tell folks “I breathe,” in response to the what-do-I-do (for a living) question which has thrown me into a funk almost any time I meet new people at a social event. If I can have the presence of mind and the spunk to respond with your friend’s answer, it’ll be a real boon for me.


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