Juggling nothing and everything

It has been awhile.  It was quite an adventure dealing with being unemployed and mostly broke, now the adventure is how to not be swallowed up in the world of working to live and living to work.  Not working for 9 months actually opened up lots of things for me.  It got me writing again and it got me back  involved creating and maintaining community. That is the good new.  The mixed news is that is also gave me the time and space to notice that my marriage was not really working.  So, I gained employment and lost a marriage since my last post. 

How have I kept myself from the cultural vortex of w2l and l2w? That is short-hand for working to live, and living to work.  I decided to keep on the path of finding alternative ways to get my needs met in a more community building and sustainable way.  It isn’t that hard, because even though I am working now, I am not bringing in enough to just go out and buy whatever it is I need or want.  I do not want to get back into the mindset, if i need it, just buy it. 

One way I decided to keep the community building, sustainable, and more balanced approach was to start my own gift circle out where I live.  It has been slow going in terms of sheer numbers, but very rich in rewards with those who are regular attendees.  My neighbors and I are sharing support, advice, garden space, and other material and services.  For example, I did not know that my next door neighbor was an experienced tree and shrub pruner.  She did my roses for me and they look fantastic.  Instead of going out and buying a heating pad because my strange and crazy cat chewed through the cord, (he likes the fix it gives him), another neighbor had one she rarely uses to loan me.  I use it a lot in leiu of turning on the propane heat in my house, which cost a fortune I am no where near to having.  If I am going to write, why heat the whole house?  I get into bed with the heating pad at my back, sweats and a sweater on, and my laptop upon my lap. 

The gift circle meets every other Friday evening.  We share a pot luck meal, then take turns leading the gift circle.  People are encouraged to lead the circle in whatever creative way occurs to them.   I like to do a short meditation, others do a visualization, and some just jump right in to sharing needs and gifts.  At the original gift circle they have really gotten creative with leading their circle.  It is an organic process.

I will write more later.  Work calls and I am going to take a walk in the sun before I head out.