more adventures…..

It took awhile, but I am starting to get little side jobs.  Cat sitting, driving a family to the airport, getting paid to give my opinon, selling this or that.  Every little bit helps.  It doesn’t fit my image of a professional to be doing these things.  It took me a long time to get to that point and my background was against it, but I did it, I became a ‘professional.’  But it does fit my core aim through my life to be an adventurer and not let the attachement to my image hold me back or spoil my well being. 

I think I first made that choice when I had a boyfriend in my sophmore year of high school decide to buy an old mail cart.  It was a slightly more powered version of the metermaid carts you see.  This was back when Mustangs and Camero’s were in.  It was not even remotely cool.  He wanted me to help him work on it and get it running.  Speaking of which, you could probably run faster than it went!  It isn’t that I swallowed my pride, it is more like I decided that it was a mirage in the first place.  We had fun taking the engine apart and trying to figure it out, but I admit, we had more fun kissing in his garage as we worked (maybe the real reason he got me to his parent’s garage the two blocks from my house).  I even drove it to school once and it took forever on all the back streets.  It was comical and also freeing to not care what the in-crowd thought.

So, here is another opportunity to let go of being anybody in particular.  I have been thinking of adopting the phrase a friend of mine uses when people ask him what he does for a living.  He replies, “I breath.”


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